Bali Beach Clubs - What Are They & How Do They Work?

Bali Beach Clubs - What Are They & How Do They Work?

Everyone has told you beach clubs are a must do when you visit Bali. But what exactly are they and how do I know which one to go to?

Here is everything you need to know! 

All you need to know

What is a Bali beach club?

A beach club is traditionally a venue that sits on a beachfront location where you can take your beach trip to the next level – think resort-style life – good food, cocktails & comfortable day beds combined amenities like infinity pools, music to your liking and sometimes even watersports activities.

This type of experience has become so popular that the concept has expanded beyond just venues at a ‘beach’ to jungle & river clubs in Ubud, sea and cliff houses in Jimbaran & Uluwatu and pool clubs that are right in the city centre!


Get a classic beach club experience at
Vue Beach Club
(Image Credit: Vue Beach Club)

How does it work?

It’s as simple as bringing your togs, sunnies & a book with you to the beach club and they will take care of the rest! Most beach clubs provide towels, lockers and free wi-fi – some even give you phone chargers.

We do recommend booking in advance as getting turned away (especially during sunset hours) or missing out on daybeds is not uncommon!

Daybeds at Canna Bali beachfront beach club


You'll be all set with beach front Cabanas at
Canna Bali
(Image Credit: Canna Bali)

What do you do there?

To be honest, anything you want! Have a relaxing day by the beach – wine & dine, take a dip in the pool (or ocean), read a book or take a nap. Party it up – with food & drinks on tap, DJ & live music performances, you can dance from day to night. Get amongst it - some beach clubs have even started introducing activities to add to the fun, from diving boards to yoga sessions, dance lessons to paragliding. Whatever route you want to take it, if you want the quintessential beach club experience – make sure you stay for Bali’s infamous sunset. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


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Mrs Sippy
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How much does it cost?

Majority of beach clubs have free entry but apply a minimum spend requirement based on the type of seating you want. E.g. for a normal table/seat at the beach club restaurant or bar normally you might not have to have a minimum spend. However, if you’d like a daybed or cabana with beachfront views, you’ll likely have to hit a minimum spend during the time you're there. The good thing is, if you are spending the day at the beach club, it’s likely you’ll meet that minimum spend with all the food & drinks you order! Or if you have a Bali Beach Club Pass you can get discounts off food, complimentary drinks & sometimes even have your minimum spend waived! 

Some beach clubs also charge an entrance fee per person which is not usually counted as part of your minimum spend.


Locca Sea House Bali Beach Club in Jimbaran 

Choose daybeds with panoramic sea views at
Locca Sea House
(Image Credit: Locca Sea House)

Are kids allowed?

There are many beach clubs that welcome children & have kids menu too! This does vary by beach club, but we’d definitely recommend reading through our child-friendly recommendations.


Enjoy some family fun at Flamingo Bali
(Image Credit: Flamingo Bali)

Which one should I go to?

There are so many options with some hidden gems all around Bali. With so many considerations – location, type (beach vs. jungle etc.), price, menus, views & vibes – we’ve got it all summarised for you here


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